Overview:  For the last 23 years, SupportWorks has been helping people find, form, and run nonprofit, non-political support groups.  Our nonprofit, all-volunteer organization focuses on keeping up with activities in and around Charlotte, NC, but calls from other parts of the country are welcome.  Over the past few years we have also begun to assist residents of Mecklenburg County as they seek high quality medical information.

History: Back in the 1980's, Dr. Joal Fischer encountered many too many people with serious and complex problems who didn't know where to start to have a better life.  To help those people find useful resources, share emotional support, and build strategies for coping and solving problems, he gathered some wonderful people together to set up SupportWorks.

Philosophy:  We keep our organization small enough to provide personal service for each caller.  Since organizations have different visions and staff with a variety of skills, we strive to set up coalitions and maintain productive and enjoyable relationships with other nonprofits.  And it's more fun working with others than trying to do everything alone!

Funding:  Our funding over the years has come mostly from donations from a wide variety of individuals, foundations, and corporations.  Although donations are of course accepted with a smile, at this time our entire budget is paid from donation of profits of Barking Dog Chocolatiers.

Ethics:  We are a totally independent organization, accept no advertising, and remain transparent regarding our methods and authorship.  We work very hard to maintain confidentiality and have not had a single breach at any time over these 23 years. We comply with the principles of the HONcode rules of conduct.

Web site:  Yeah, what about this website?  In 1994, we developed one of the first websites for a nonprofit organization.  Over the past few years we have averaged about 460 unique visitors per day.  As the site aged, we saw the handwriting on the wall.  From November, 2011 until April, 2013, a team worked hard to complete concept development, design, and implementation of a sophisticated data system and a new web site.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to the following:

•  Marcie ("Gracious as can be") Braden
•  Darlene ("Blessed friend") Byrd
•  Shannon ("Southern girl") Caddell
•  Joal ("No middle name") Fischer
•  Jinny ("Always there") St. George
•  Laurie ("Designer") Graybeal
•  Cindy ("Font of Wisdom") King
•  Dr. Deborah Langsam (known to Joal as "Sweetheart")
•  Gloria ("Cuisine Enthusiast") Mills
•  Robert ("Generosity Personified") Martin
•  Dan ("The Code Dude") McArdle
•  Buddy ("Got a tune?") McManus
•  Paul ("Name that tune") Moritz
•  Ellen ("The Baker") Myers
•  Sam ("The Tech Man") Nimmo
•  Elena ("No challenge too big") Scott and
•  Adam ("Lightning") Semel. 

For 23 years of guidance and friendship, and now for assistance in design based on their decades of experience, we send hugs and thanks to these folks at the American Self Help Group Clearinghouse.

•  Ed ("Keep on truckin'") Madara
•  Wendy ("The Detail Lady") Rodenbaugh and
•  Barbara ("Always a smile") White.

Got a question?  Feel free to contact us.

                                The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. -- Audrey Hepburn
Charlotte's support group clearinghouse